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IT Services for Telecommunications Providers

Data center, edge and IT solutions for telecommunications companies are more important than ever. Accessing an ecosystem of edge data centers can help service providers expand their customer base and maximize their ROI.

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Telecom IT Solutions for digital transformation

The right connectivity solutions can make the difference between delivering a positive user experience and losing ground to a competitor. Low latency and routing diversity can help provide a strong experience all while saving on transport. 


Service providers in the telecom industry can benefit from access to an ecosystem of buyers, sellers, and partners. This helps expand the carrier network and customer base, all while maximizing return on investment. 


A network of edge data centers can improve performance, reduce bandwidth requirements, and cut the latency experienced by regional customers.

Network expansion is costly and time consuming

It’s critical for network carriers to deliver a fast network with low latency and 100% uptime. But it’s expensive and operationally intensive to lay the long-haul transport to gain new subscribers. Accessing a carrier-neutral and carrier-dense data center footprint brings many benefits. Benefits like allowing carriers to extend their network, expand their customer base, and maximize their ROI.

Performance challenges for regional subscribers

Mitigate churn and deliver superior experiences to your customer base by distributing your network locally. Being deployed in edge data centers in Tier 2, 3 and 4 markets allows you to get closer to your subscribers. It also minimizes the latency and performance challenges experienced by your regional customers.

What We Do

Let TierPoint help you make more and faster connections securely to subscribers and  partners. And create opportunities for both content providers and carriers alike.  


Our strategic sales teams can help you learn more about our services for: 

  • telecommunications carriers
  • cable providers (MSOs) 
  • content providers
  • hosted unified communications providers
  • cloud on-ramp providers
  • broadcast media
  • publishing companies


The numbers speak for themselves

Data center facilities across 20 markets including Tier 2, 3 and 4 markets
Carriers in the TierPoint data center ecosystem
Servers in edge data centers by 2025

Expand your Reach and your Customer Base

Companies are being driven to connect everything and everyone in every place. As a network carrier connections are key.  However, it is often a challenge to reach customers in tier 2, 3 and 4 markets.  


Leveraging the right edge data center partner can help you expand your reach. And they can grow your subscriber base and deliver the infrastructure that will make it all possible.

Buildings connected by a digital lights network. Digital communication.
Technology for telecom IT solutions.

Optimize Connectivity to Minimize Latency

End users are demanding more and more of content providers and communication services. A fast network with low latency and 100% uptime is a requirement to retain customers and expand. Content providers need you to meet their needs, including reducing latency for regional customers. Laying your own long-haul transport, however, is expensive and operationally intensive. 


The rise of video streaming, software as a service (SaaS) solutions, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices requires edge networks for continued customer satisfaction. Expand your network and customer base while maximizing your return on investment with a carrier-neutral and carrier-dense data center. 

Reimagine Customer Experience

As the data generation grows, content providers need high-speed connections to engage users and expand their subscriber base. To deliver an optimal user experience and customer service, providers need to shrink latency and delivery lapses. 


Deliver your content with less buffering by connecting to leading networks and cloud services providers. This can help you grow your revenue and open your business up to new opportunities. 

Circular digital lines of Telecom IT solutions.


  • Data Centers & Edge Computing

    TierPoint’s data center ecosystem consists of 40 facilities. These facilities are in proximity to over 73 million subscribers and end users in Tier 2, 3 and 4 markets. This allows us to deliver superior experiences by distributing your network locally.

    Bring compute and storage closer to subscribers and partners with an edge computing strategy.

  • Connect Point

    It should be easy for your prospects to find you. Expand your points of presence and services using our ecosystem of providers to reach carrier hotels and gateways. 

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Let’s discuss how our expertise in the telecom industry can help your business accelerate IT transformation, improve customer experience and unlock new revenue streams.