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Azure Consulting Services

Take your enterprise to the next level of innovation with TierPoint's Microsoft Azure Consulting Services. From a total infrastructure migration to VDI and Disaster Recovery, we'll help you spearhead digital transformation projects in Azure powered by our deep Microsoft partnership and solutions expertise.

A Trusted Microsoft Azure Solutions Partner

TierPoint is a Certified Solutions Partner boasting more than a decade of experience with Microsoft.  We are dedicated to empowering our customers to turn their business goals into reality through the use of Microsoft technology.


We meet you wherever you are in your cloud journey, our Microsoft-certified experts help advise, design, build, and manage your Azure environment to achieve your goals.

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Explore Our Azure Consulting Services

Optimize Your Cloud Strategy with Azure Well-Architected Framework Workshop

Navigate cloud complexity effortlessly with our expert assessments and data-driven insights:

  • Azure review assessment
  • Microsoft-benchmarked gap analysis on reliability, security, cost optimization, operational excellence, performance efficiency
  • Targeted framework optimizations

Seamlessly Transition to Azure with Expert Migration Services

Empower your organization's innovation with our cloud experts. We ensure a smooth move to Azure, providing tailored blueprints and expertly managed workload migration.

Our services include:

  • Workload assessment
  • Customized infrastructure design
  • Strategic migration planning and execution
  • Ongoing monitoring and management

Empower Remote Productivity with Azure VDI Solutions

Equip your teams with Microsoft tools for seamless productivity, anywhere. Our secure, tailored Azure VDI Services include:

  • Collaborative discovery and development
  • Expert recommendations
  • VIP access to architects
  • Certified Proof of Concept Documentation

Start with a 4-week Proof of Concept.

Safeguard Your Business with Azure Disaster Recovery

Stay resilient in today's competitive landscape. Ensure uninterrupted operations and minimal downtime with our disaster recovery solutions. Our services encompass:

  • Full solution management
  • Server readiness assessment
  • Workload replication on Azure
  • End-to-end failover strategies with Site Recovery or Zerto

Drive Continuous Innovation with Azure DevOps

Accelerate your pace to compete effectively. Our Microsoft-certified DevOps consultants facilitate rapid feature implementation and continuous delivery. Our core Azure DevOps Services include:

  • Full briefing on Core Azure DevOps Services
  • Access to hands-on experience with the DevOps user interface
  • Detailed implementation roadmap

Grow Your Business Offerings (and Bottom Line) on Azure.

Tap into the full innovation potential of Microsoft Azure by starting with a free initial consultation.

Why TierPoint is the Right Azure Service Provider
to Grow Your Business

Unlock Your Full Business Potential on Azure

Navigate the complex and ever-changing cloud landscape with expert guides who know all the ins and outs. Our Azure team will ensure a smooth, cost-effective cloud migration and will help your organization tap into the massive innovative potential to boost your business and stay ahead of your competitors.

Seamlessly Scale Your Business with Azure

From assessments that help us understand your current posture and business goals to robust road mapping that helps you realize them; our team of architects and engineers is equipped to help you take full advantage of Azure's native scalability to streamline your environment and meet your evolving business needs.

Enhance Your Cybersecurity Posture in Azure

Make sure your organization is prepared for anything. Our cybersecurity team will fully evaluate your threat readiness and provide expert recommendations to counter constantly evolving threats wherever they pop up.

Manage Costs with a Right-sized Environment

Your cloud costs can quickly spiral out of control if you don't have full visibility into usage. We'll give you that plus more opportunities to reduce your Azure spending with a comprehensive cost optimization analysis and data-backed recommendations for right-sizing your environment.

Need More Help with Azure?

Explore TierPoint's Azure Managed Services

Azure Cost Management & Spend Optimization

Make sure your Azure environment is budget-friendly and ensure smart business growth with robust, advanced visibility of your cloud usage.

Azure Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Minimize downtime, secure mission-critical systems, and mitigate rapidly evolving security risks with flexible data recovery services customized for your needs.

Azure Monitoring and Governance

Let your internal teams focus on business growth. With 24/7 support, our experts will handle the day-to-day operations of your entire Azure environment, including data backup, resource management, and more.

Azure Modern Operations

Take full advantage of the digital transformation capabilities of Azure with a partner who can provide advanced automation and modern operations to deliver efficiency and innovation to your business.

Azure Managed Security & Compliance

Gain valuable insights through real-time security monitoring, while our team of experts takes care of firewall administration, security policies, and essential patching to uphold the integrity of your system.

Azure Change Management

Build a roadmap for success on Azure with our cloud experts. We’ll work with you to create detailed change management plans that are laser-focused on boosting your revenue and enabling productivity from anywhere.


It's Time to Tap into the Full Power of Azure

Take your business to the next level with a trusted partner who knows how to unlock all that the cloud has to offer.

Contact us today for a free analysis of your current cloud environment.