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Remote Hands

TierPoint’s Remote Hands services provide immediate on-site support for colocation customers.

IT department leveraging the benefits of remote hands service.

Improve Your IT Productivity

Increase productivity in your IT department by delegating IT management and maintenance tasks on your co-located equipment to our highly qualified technicians and engineers. Your IT staff will have more time for business-critical projects while we handle the daily on-site maintenance and management.  This additional on-site support is a huge advantage when your equipment is miles away or needs support in the middle of the night. 

Ensure Infrastructure Security

With Remote Hands you have 24x7 support that includes monitoring and troubleshooting equipment and responding to alerts. We provide technical support as well as physical labor for on-site needs like replacing equipment, taking inventory, and checking physical connections.

24x7 support provided by a remote hands service.
Systems restored quickly, greatly reducing downtime.

Enhance Operational Resiliency

When your system goes down, you want a quick response. Remote Hands services provide immediate attention from on-site experts. They will troubleshoot and restore systems quickly, greatly reducing downtime.

Extend Your Team with Remote Hands

TierPoint clients can easily request Remote Hands services through the TierPoint Portal. Our team of technicians and engineers can assist with a variety of tasks.

Remote Hands services offered include:

  • Power and status checks
  • Cabling and connectivity
  • Physical labor and on-site assistance
  • Equipment management
  • Reporting and labeling
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Our teams provide a range of support services including power cycling of equipment, installing and re-running power cable connections, soft reboots and server reboots, power circuit readings, and switching and button commands.

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Let’s discuss how we can help you to delegate IT management and maintenance tasks to our highly qualified technicians and engineers so your IT staff can focus business-critical projects.