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CleanIP Managed Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

TierPoint’s CleanIP Managed Multi-Factor Authentication (MMFA) security solutions, help businesses provide a secure and streamlined login service for every application and user. Leverage a single managed solution that verifies user identities across the organization with ease and security at the center.

Reduce exposure to new hacking threats with multi factor authentication solutions.

Minimize Security and Compliance Risks

Mobile workforces are on the rise, and with them come a constant growth of new threats. A new threat landscape requires that organizations provide users with secure and reliable access to applications from any device on any network. Passwords are often the weak link in user security. A two-factor authentication process offers that extra layer of protection for users, enabling a secure and quick login that reduces exposure to hacking threats.

Improve Productivity and User Experience

Don’t let the addition of multi-factor authentication derail your users’ productivity. Keep disruption and headaches to a minimum with a quick and secure login. CleanIP MMFA is scalable and offers a fast and easy setup. Plus, users have the freedom to choose the secure authentication methods that work best for them.

Person holding a mobile phone and leveraging MFA solutions.
Close-up of data infrastructure of Multi-Factor authentication solutions.

Seamless MFA Management to Reduce Complexity

Managing multi-factor authentication for your organization should just work. By leveraging the tools and infrastructure provided as part of your native service, CleanIP MMFA subscribers can enroll new users and devices in a self-service portal, protecting new applications almost instantly.

Simple, Secure Access for Any User, From Any Device

Modern security that is user-friendly, with simple deployment and management

TierPoint's CleanIP Managed Multi-factor Authentication protects applications by using a second source of validation. Examples include mobile push notifications from authentication apps, a token, or QR codes, to verify users before granting them access.

CleanIP MMFA features a secure sign-on that gives your users an easy way to access their applications from a single portal. Meanwhile, you have control with granular risk-based access policies for each application.

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Not if you don’t want to. The CleanIP MMFA service includes soft tokens (a software-based token) for each subscribed user. Should you wish to employ hardware tokens in your environment, TierPoint can provide guidance on compatible options.

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