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Business Continuity
Office Space

Business continuity office space should be part of your overall business continuity plans. TierPoint’s Business Continuity Seating ensures resilient workspaces for offsite business recovery, providing an alternative workspace to keep your employees productive and your business running during unplanned disruptions. 

Managed IT infrastructure by an experienced team of IBM mainframe experts.

Remain Resilient and Keep Business Moving During a Disaster

Maintain critical business operations and employee productivity when your primary office space and business equipment are unavailable when disaster strikes. Having access to offsite workspaces in fully redundant data centers means 100% uptime with dependable infrastructure that includes redundant hardware, power, and internet, so you can get back to business and avoid downtime and revenue losses.

Backup Workspace with Furnishings Available When You Need It

Be prepared with temporary office space and equipment based on your business needs, by the seat or by the suite. Get your employees back to business when your main location is unavailable. And quickly reestablish work environments with ready-to-work resources like 

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Printers 
  • Phones
  • Desktop monitors
  • Conference and training rooms
  • Secure storage
Temporary Business Continuity office space and equipment.
Business Continuity Center to quickly recover critical business operations.

Ensure Optimum Security of Business Assets In Offsite Workspaces

Whether it’s a fire, flood, or power outage, you need to quickly recover critical business operations to avoid losses in productivity and revenue. Keep business assets secure during a disaster with backup workspaces in a data center. Data center facilities have a variety of security measures to protect the building as well as strong network security such as DDoS protection, firewall, and intrusion detection. 

Enable Business Continuity With Flexible Workspace

We provide flexibility to companies that need to be continuously available during a disaster or disruption. We do this with scalable, resilient workspaces for offsite business recovery. 

With TierPoint’s Business Continuity Seating you can minimize downtime and revenue loss, and get your employees back to business during a disaster. Our facilities are designed with reliability in mind, providing access to resilient voice, network connectivity, and power so your employees can remain productive and carry on day-to-day operations.

TierPoint’s Business Continuity Seating offers a myriad of options with high availability and redundancy. Each TierPoint data center has comprehensive physical and IT security ensuring the protection of your personnel and critical business assets.

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If you need real estate for a few employees or a full dedicated suite, TierPoint has options to provide the following:

  • Fully furnished conference rooms and shared break rooms
  • Flexible space configurations; dedicated or shared seating options as well as disaster recovery suites
  • Equipment on-demand; desks and chairs, workstations and monitors, common fax machines and printers, IP phones  

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