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SaaS and IT service providers are at the forefront of cloud technologies and edge computing. Delivering solid customer experiences requires high-availability compute, storage, and networking. A security incident or compliance breach could put your business at risk. All of this creates IT challenges, but your team has limited time. A reliable state-of-the-art Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider can free your team to focus on developing high-value services for your customers – instead of wrangling the IT plumbing of a data center.

TierPoint offers state-of-the-art data centers, cloud solutions, and managed IT services – connected by a coast-to-coast high-bandwidth network. Thousands of clients – from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises to telecommunications providers – choose TierPoint’s highly experienced IT professionals to provide private, multitenant, managed hyperscale, and hybrid cloud solutions – and colocation, disaster recovery, security, and other IT services.

What Your Technology Company Needs

Improve Storage and Compute

SaaS and IT providers need to deliver best-in-class services and innovate to keep customers happy. Good performance and low latency are table stakes. Big data and high-performance compute can feed artificial intelligence (AI) engines that help you strengthen your automation capabilities to respond faster. A trusted IaaS provider with the experience to deliver a custom mix of public and private clouds can help you get ahead.
How TierPoint can help:

Edge Computing

Improve response times and save bandwidth with edge expansion. Deliver the best user experience with high-performance local compute, storage placed closer to where it’s needed, and a fast communications network.

Our Network Services

Private Cloud

Ingest and analyze large data sets to help deliver superior performance for your customers. Customize a private cloud with the compute, storage, and network you require.

Our Cloud Services

Public Cloud On-Ramps

Create low-latency secure connections between resources with direct access to leading public cloud providers, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Connect Express


Improve uptime and security, ensure resilience, and enhance infrastructure monitoring. Get direct access to leading network providers and the latest servers and processors.

Our Colocation Services

Enhance Digital Experiences

SaaS providers must improve and innovate to remain relevant. Delivering a stellar digital experience is crucial for sticky SaaS. Responsiveness is vital for successful day-to-day operations, and only 100% uptime will keep customers satisfied. At the same time, you must keep your customer’s data secure to maintain their loyalty and meet compliance mandates.

You can push hotfixes, new features, and security updates faster and on the fly with the right cloud infrastructure. A state-of-the-art data center can enable you to deliver a consistently excellent digital experience.

How TierPoint can help:


Lower your total cost of ownership and drive more revenue with state-of-the-art data centers across the U.S. and a carrier-dense, carrier-neutral colocation ecosystem.

Our Colocation Services

Public Cloud On-Ramps

Create low-latency, secure connections between resources with direct access to leading public cloud providers, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Connect Express

Security and Compliance

Ensure data is secure by design with our proactive, security-first approach. TierPoint supports thousands of customers with SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS audits.

Our Security Services


Leverage innovative cloud technologies and enable the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools to streamline the way your data is ingested, updated, and managed – and improve performance and user experiences.

Our Cloud Services

Our Technology Customers

What They Say

Hurricanes in the Raleigh area caused us and our clients a lot of stress,” Dr. Sam Bayer, Founder/CEO of Corevist.

Added VP of Operations, Justin Diana, “When it became apparent the storm was going to affect Raleigh, TierPoint immediately sent out notifications letting us know what measures were being taken – the backup generators being prepared, being tested. We then communicated with all of our clients, that we were aware and tracking this storm, the data center was aware and tracking this storm, and as a result of the communications that we had from TierPoint, we were able to proactively alert our clients to the potential of the impacts. We received several notifications from clients thanking us for the proactiveness, the preparation, the diligence we were taking and when all was said and done, it resulted in zero interruptions to our clients and we were able to go back to them and point out once again TierPoint exceeded our expectations.

Dr. Sam Bayer & Justin Diana

Founder, CEO & VP of Operations, Corevist

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