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Multitenant Cloud Services

TierPoint Multitenant Cloud Services are an ideal environment for mission-critical applications, e-commerce, and disaster recovery and backup services. Our clouds have robust, scalable, secure, and fully-redundant architecture, backed by an industry-leading service level agreement (SLA). 

Multi Tenant cloud computing.

Enable Scalability & Agility

Multitenant cloud computing supports bursting for short-term workloads. You can increase or decrease memory, storage, and CPU capacity on-demand (either manually or automatically) when demand reaches a peak threshold. 

Have a special project or a seasonal demand? Scale up quickly with multitenant infrastructure, then dial back resources when no longer needed. 

Optimize IT Spend & Control Costs

Deploy a flexible cost model enabling you to pay as you go based on the seasonality of your business. Cloud services are billed as operating costs, rather than as capital expenses. So your costs are more consistent quarter-to-quarter and budgeting is predictable. 


Also, the multitenant model maximizes the overall usage of cloud resources, so the per-workload or per-capital costs are reduced overall.

Multi Tenant cloud service for IT optimization.
TierPoint’s experienced professional provides Multi Tenant cloud service.

Enhance Your IT Expertise

Team up with our cloud experts to design, implement, and manage your cloud. TierPoint’s experienced professionals and VMware-based management tools will give your in-house IT staff more time for strategic projects. 

Benefits of a Multitenant Cloud

Multitenant clouds service multiple customers where they share a high-speed network, redundancies for resilience, and fast storage. Multitenant clouds are ideal for many use cases including production systems, e-commerce, and disaster recovery.


The on-demand scalability of multitenant cloud services makes it a good match for hybrid environments and disaster recovery; TierPoint’s recovery and backup services protect the virtualized workloads and ensure business continuity.

Guaranteed Resilience & Flexibility

A TierPoint multitenant architecture has a robust SLA of 99.99% availability of virtualized components. It also has 100% availability of power and network infrastructure. A multitenant cloud ensures business continuity during unexpected disruptions when combined with:

  • Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)
  • Backup as a service (BaaS)
  • Managed security services

You can choose a multitenant cloud that is close to your production workloads for lower latency. For disaster recovery or geographic diversity, select a cloud farther away. TierPoint’s VMware- based management tools enable you to control your multitenant environment from any location.


TierPoint protects customer data with physical and logical isolation and data encryption. Each customer has its own virtual data center (VDC) which combines the virtual memory, storage, and computing resources into a single virtual unit. 


Each customer’s data is isolated from others. In addition, every TierPoint data center is protected with biometric scanners, 24x7 on-site guards, and constant CCTV surveillance. 

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