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AI & Cloud: Powering the Next Generation of Innovation

The convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing stands out as a transformative force for global organizations and is permeating nearly every aspect of business operations. While this offers unparalleled opportunities, it also introduces intricate challenges. We invite you to participate in an insightful webinar where we delve into the challenges posed by AI, the essential skills for success, practical approaches for AI implementation within organizations, and the ethical considerations surrounding this powerful technology.

Cloud and AI Topics:

  1. What would experts in the field of AI say are the greatest unknowns in the world of AI right now?
  2. How can businesses ensure they are making the most of cloud and AI technologies to gain a competitive advantage, and what strategies or best practices do you recommend for effective integration and utilization? Where has AI been implemented most effectively, and for what types of outcomes?
  3. Generative AI is transforming the current skills and technical landscape and organizational needs across industries – how is this shaping organizations’ hiring and cloud strategies?
  4. As cloud and AI become more prevalent, what potential ethical concerns and considerations should organizations and individuals be mindful of in their implementation and usage?
  5. Technology adoption milestones such as virtualization, IoT, containers, 4G/5G, have evolved the way we do business. AI is looking to be the next major adoption milestone. What’s the next big disruptor?

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