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Whitepaper: Cloud Adoption Done Right

Organizations have made the public cloud a main part of their overall cloud strategy to ignite innovation and accelerate IT transformation.

The public cloud offers businesses the potential to uncover new ways to drive future growth and deliver better customer experiences, deeper insights, increased uptime, and reliability by leveraging scalable and as-a-service economic models.

However, the benefits of the cloud can be overshadowed by its complexity and ever-changing technologies, often making these outcomes hard to achieve.

Many companies have been multi-cloud by mistake and now must take an active, strategic approach to ensure the right workload is on the correct cloud. Add to this that the cloud often requires new skills, tools, processes, and a keen understanding of application dependencies.

This whitepaper examines the biggest challenges to a cloud-ready infrastructure and explores several approaches organizations can take to design and implement cloud strategies to better take advantage of the right cloud environments.

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