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The Unique Challenges of Disaster Recovery in a Hybrid IT World

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Harry Smith, Zerto Technology Evangelist; Dale Levesque, TierPoint Manager of Product Development

August 9, 2017 64 minutes

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Business disruptions and downtime can cause serious damage to a company's bottom line. And today, with multiple potential sources of disruption — from equipment failure to natural disasters and cyber-attacks — IT leaders are seeking even faster and more resilient disaster recovery (DR) strategies. Identifying risks and developing a DR plan are essential, but just as important is selecting the right vendor for your Disaster Recovery needs, which can be challenging. In this live webinar, TierPoint Manager of Product Development, Dale Levesque and Zerto Technology Evangelist, Harry Smith will discuss the keys to effective DR planning and address the added challenges presented by increasingly complex hybrid IT environments. Join Dale and Harry as they share use cases and answer key questions about creating an effective DR plan and selecting the best provider for your needs, including: • What are the major causes of downtime? • How has DR evolved from backup computer centers to cloud computing and advanced data replication technologies? • What are the latest DRaaS trends? • What are the key considerations when selecting a DR solutions provider?

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