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Why Adopt DRaaS?
5 Considerations To Maximize Business Benefits

Organizations In All Industries Are Adopting DRaaS In Their IT Infrastructure. Should You?

DRaaS is a cloud-based replication & recovery solution used by businesses of all sizes and has seen solid growth over the past few years, especially in industries like financial services and telecommunications.

But, why should your organization make the leap to DRaaS from your traditional backup or Backup as a Service solution, or adopt DRaaS along with your existing solution? Learn more in our new white paper, where we explain:

  • Disaster Recovery plan benefits with DRaaS
  • The maturity of the technology & the ability to match needs different org sizes
  • The ability to right-size the DRaaS solution for the best RTO and RPO for your infrastructure
  • How DRaaS creates a predictable and inclusive cost model
  • Steps to deploy DRaaS in your IT infrastructure

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