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Due diligence resources to help you understand and weigh your IT outsourcing options

How much will my IT project cost?

If only it were that simple. One size never fits all when it comes to managing technology and infrastructure. Each organization has its own unique technology footprint (e.g. servers and legacy applications), requirements to meet (e.g. regulatory compliance, timeline to deploy), and internal skill sets. Depending on the business outcomes you want to achieve, the optimal technology solution is likely to be more complex than choosing a few items a la carte from a rate sheet and executing a simple transaction.

Yet, amid that inherent complexity, getting a ballpark idea of costs early in the discovery process can narrow the field of options and save a lot of time.

To inform your due diligence phase in the buying process, and help you decide whether to outsource your IT project, we've provided three calculators that can help you weigh your options.

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Data Center Build vs Buy Calculator

This calculator provides a cost model to help you understand the financial considerations of building a data center onsite vs. taking advantage of a colocation data center with a partner like TierPoint.

Downtime Calculator

This downtime calculator helps you measure the potential business impact of a disaster or an IT outage.

Cloud Build vs Buy Calculator

There are many factors, both financial and strategic, that go into the decision of whether to build your own cloud or use a third-party provider. This calculator can help you understand the considerations.

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