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Staying on top of industry tends and the latest information on such topics as colocation, security, cloud, disaster recovery and backup can be a challenge. Our whitepapers are designed to be a resource for you, providing the latest in-depth information on topics that are trending right now.

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How a Private Cloud Can Accelerate Your Hybrid Strategy
To compete successfully in the fast-paced digital economy, businesses are undergoing digital transformation initiatives designed to leverage technology in innovative ways. Supporting the escalating digital imperatives calls for IT organizations to move away from their traditional, labor-intense data center infrastructure in favor of options that are more flexible, resource-friendly, and easier to manage.

In this report, we will discuss the challenges of creating a hybrid environment, how to choose the best environment for your workloads, and the important role of private cloud in your hybrid strategy. We will also look at characteristics of “the right” private cloud to meet your needs, both today and in the future.

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5 Powerful Factors Driving Dramatic DRaaS Growth
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) has exploded from niche solution to a crucial cloud app because it cuts the cost and increases the capabilities of organizations to protect their digital assets. Managing production data is tough enough. DRaaS solutions help users avoid doubling that effort for backup workloads. That is one reason why DRaaS demand is growing at a 30% to 60% annual rate.

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6 Reasons Colocation Makes Better Business Sense
There is no one reason why organizations choose colocation over building their own data center. The reasons and the business case are as unique as the organizations themselves.

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Simplify Cloud Migration
Proper planning and testing are two of the most important elements of a cloud migration effort. Too often organizations push to complete a migration quickly, then have to deal with scores of users who can’t access their data and applications. Beyond planning, we’ve learned a few other lessons along the way while helping clients realize cloud computing benefits. This paper will walk you through the cloud migration process, sharing best practices to help you minimize migration headaches.

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Cloud & Colocation: Which, When, Why?
Colocation and cloud should not be either/or choices. The two services solve different problems, and sometimes both in tandem make the most sense. But how do you determine which – or what combination – is the right solution and in what context? This white paper looks at the pros and cons of each option, outlines scenarios where a hybrid solution makes sense, and offers four important considerations to help you think through your unique needs.

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How to Position Cloud ROI
Traditional ROI calculators do an ineffective job of measuring the value of cloud services. This white paper serves as a guide to calculating cloud ROI using seven metrics you may not have considered.

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When Virtualization Meets Infrastructure
In a rapidly changing technology landscape, are your virtualized systems taking full advantage of the cloud? Read about how these solutions can be leveraged for production, development and disaster recovery.

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Cloud Security Myths
This white paper explores the four most insidious myths, once rooted in truth but now putting your cloud at risk, and determines the best course of action to address each.

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Due Diligence and The Cloud
Understanding true security capabilities in the cloud environment is an important part of the evaluation process of a prospective provider. This guide will help you understand what needs investigating before turning your data over to the cloud.

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Outgrowing Amazon
Amazon AWS is a quick and easy way to get into cloud computing. But the AWS model isn’t for everyone. When is it time to consider alternative solutions?

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