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TierPoint delivers the comprehensive security and compliance expertise required to help you address your unique business challenges.

Security and Compliance You Can Count On

Today’s business environments can be risky and most organizations need to comply with at least one regulation that requires them to protect sensitive data and systems. Time after time, however, the headlines prove that compliance-driven security programs leave the door open to data thieves and those with malicious intent.

TierPoint security solutions help your company achieve and maintain compliance with complex regulatory mandates and audit requirements, while thoroughly protecting sensitive data.  

We are your security experts

TierPoint’s Security Analysts are leaders in their field. Our team is comprised of world-class security experts with experience ranging from Fortune 100 companies to the U.S. Federal Government. Years of cyber-security training combined with real-world network and security experience ensures your data is in good hands.

Plus, when you house your data at any one of our 40 data centers, we protect your data from physical threats as well.

  • Physical Security – Our data centers are protected by checkpoints, electronic and/or biometric access mechanisms, and robust emergency procedures to protect against physical threats to your systems.
  • Network Security – Our network security services create a secure environment for data and other traffic.
  • Data Privacy – Multi-factor authentication, data encryption, data security, and secure channels are used to prevent unauthorized access to resources.

Ready to improve security and compliance?

Talk to one of our security specialists about an affordable, risk-based security management program that addresses the growing amount of security threats, regardless of where they originate. This includes making sure you can recover from an outage and mitigate the effects of a DDoS attack. TierPoint can help you keep your firewalls and other software licensed and updated. All of our managed security products and services lower your security risk profile to protect your organization’s critical information infrastructure and the trust you earn with your clients.

Live webinar 9/7/17 @1:00pm - Better Protect Your Web Apps by Knowing How They Will Be Attacked - register now