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TierPoint delivers the comprehensive security and compliance expertise required to help you address your unique business challenges.

Threat Management Services

Just when you think you’ve protected yourself from one type of attack, a new one makes the headlines. That doesn’t even count the millions of attacks that go unnoticed by organizations or unreported by the press.

New mobile vulnerabilities have increased 214%; new malware variants have increased 36% and crypto-ransomware totals have increased 35%.

Detecting these security threats, recognizing the potential impact, and limiting possible damage can be time-consuming and challenging. Worse yet, a single error can cost you millions in lost revenues and fines. It takes an average of 46 days to contain a successful attack after it has been detected at an average cost of remediation of more than $21,000 per day.

TierPoint Threat Management Services keep your applications secure by leveraging the industry’s best threat management tools. We can set up a threat management portfolio that meets your current needs and grows with your business.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services monitor your network and systems for any hint of malicious activity. In 2016, ransomware, malware, and DDoS attacks were the top cyber-threats facing many organizations.

Vulnerability Management and Scanning Services help organizations reduce their risk by identifying and remediating exploitable security weaknesses. TierPoint helps your team:

  • Identify weaknesses
  • Prioritize risks
  • Expedite remediation
  • Monitor performance

In-house security tools capture records, or “logs”, of activities that may point you to ongoing hacking attempts, weaknesses, or unusual behavior. It is often the logs that reveal an unauthorized individual that is systematically or randomly trying different ports or addresses, malformed packets, or know attacks against your site. Identifying these repeated attempts allows TierPoint to update policies that identify and block this user address permanently. Logs also provide useful data to drive comprehensive incident tracking and escalation processes, leading to more thorough audit reporting and support.

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