IBM Systems Disaster Recovery

Protect your IBM systems and mainframes with DRaaS

Modern DRaaS for IBM Systems

Relegate hot sites and bare metal recovery to history

Evolving Recovery Solutions
Hot site hassles Convenient solution
Commodity equipment Known configuration
Bare metal restore System is always ready
Oversubscribed resources Dedicated resources
Simplified Testing
On-site testing Remote testing
Infrequent testing Frequent testing
Tests scheduled months in advance No scheduling required
Confidence in Recovery
Slow manual recovery Fast automated recovery
Lack of innovation Modern orchestration
Long RPO and RTO Short RPO and RTO
Point solutions Integrated solutions
Manual logbooks Reporting tools
Secure and Compliant Workloads
Physical data transport Secure replication offsite
Off-site tape storage Multi-site redundancy
Out-of-date data centers World-class data centers
Enable your Business
Separate vendors Managed services provider
Inflexible vendor Customer-first culture
Experts in IBM systems Experts in IBM systems
Costly and slow to scale Scales easily, economically
Capital expenditure (CAPEX) Operational expenditure (OPEX)

Simplify with DRaaS

Simplify and achieve confidence in your disaster recovery implementation with replicated data, frequent testing and use, and an always-ready recovery solution. Stay in a ready-to-recover state and switch from production to recovery when needed. Our customer-first culture and experts with deep experience in disaster recovery and IBM systems will customize your solution to your requirements.

Our equipment, your service

Achieve high availability without capital investment. The System i, p or z recovery system is deployed in an isolated environment with strict security controls in a TierPoint data center. We’ll manage infrastructure acquisition and maintenance including space in the data center, hardware acquisition, software licenses, storage, networking, personnel and more. You’ll gain geographic diversity in a recovery site, while remote testing eliminates travel time and expenses.

An all-in-one solution

TierPoint will work with our partners to access the variety of skills needed to deliver an integrated recovery solution to you. We integrate support and ticketing, and aggregate billing. We’ll ensure you are always served well — from architecture to design, to implementation and on-boarding, and from problem analysis to recovery assistance.

Beyond IBM recovery

Meeting each client where they are on their journey to IT transformation, TierPoint provides custom solutions with a portfolio of private clouds, multitenant clouds, managed hyperscale clouds, and hybrid clouds, plus colocation, disaster recovery, security, network and other managed IT services. We have more than 40 world-class data centers in 20 U.S. markets and 8 multitenant cloud pods, connected by a coast-to-coast U.S. network.

Our Customers Say


Athens chose TierPoint and Tectrade first and foremost for their ability to host our IBM iSeries. Tectrade’s unique partnership with IBM put them at the top of the list for us. Additionally, we needed a better solution for hosting our other servers and wanted to migrate to a cloud-based solution, this is where TierPoint came in. TierPoint’s facility is by far the most secure and reliable in the area and that, coupled with their management and hosting services, made TierPoint our top choice for our other hosting needs. The Tierpoint/Tectrade partnership fit Athens’ specific needs perfectly and having them host our business systems has proven to be a prudent decision.

Tony Hernandez
Systems Administrator
Athens Paper Company

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