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DRaaS powered by Nutanix Leap

TierPoint’s customized cloud-to-cloud recovery plans powered by Nutanix’s native disaster recovery (DR) technologies protect your virtualized workloads while offering a variety of configurations and failover to Nutanix private cloud services for a secure and dedicated recovery environment with unparalleled uptime availability.

Close-up of data storage for Nutanix Leap backup.

Meet Recovery Objectives

We can help you meet your recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) to get your business back up and running, minimize data loss, and reduce downtime.

Secure and Compliant

Improve DR readiness and meet regulatory compliance mandates by being able to simulate the full recovery process on demand.

Connected cables for data infrastructure.
Network connections with white nodes.

Protect Your Data from Cyberthreats

By backing up data to a separate, fully redundant environment, businesses can avoid paying the ransom or losing files due to a ransomware attack. Through our protection policies and recovery, data can be retrieved in minutes, minimizing the leverage of ransomware attackers and getting you back up and running quickly.

Disaster Recovery for Nutanix Workloads

Your virtualized networks and production environments are protected with automated continuous replication. DR service orchestration allows for rapid failover between TierPoint-hosted private clouds, powered by Nutanix.

Extend your network to a cloud-based environment in a few clicks with Leap’s ability to discover your network topology. During recovery, your network topology is preserved, eliminating the need to change your IP address.

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Clients can failover to a managed Nutanix private cloud environment in a TierPoint data center.

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