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Aspiranet's Technology Transformation with Blue Tree and TierPoint

Non-Profit Aspiranet enhanced its IT infrastructure and service delivery across California with TierPoint for robust cloud data center and help desk services.

Introduction & Challenges

Aspiranet, a non-profit social service and behavioral health organization, faced significant challenges with their IT infrastructure. With a mission to support families, children, youth, and young adults across California, Aspiranet required a robust, secure, and reliable IT environment to deliver their critical services effectively.

Aspiranet has been a beacon of support for foster care, adoption, behavioral health, and family services for nearly 50 years. With 42 locations across California and a diverse range of services, the organization's IT needs are complex and demanding. Prior to the engagement with Blue Tree and TierPoint, Aspiranet struggled with an IT environment that was not meeting their needs. Their previous provider had difficulty meeting commitments, resulting in unanswered customer requests and unmet service level agreements.  This led to inefficiencies and distractions from their core mission.

Aspiranet faced several key challenges that required robust solutions to ensure efficient and compliant operations. These included the need for a continuously operational IT environment to support both emergency and regular services, adherence to strict HIPAA regulations and California state laws, a reliable disaster recovery solution to maintain service continuity, and effective IT issue management to enable staff to concentrate on their primary responsibilities.


Blue Tree Technology Group, led by Strategy Adviser Stacey Haggart, stepped in to provide strategic advisory services. They conducted a competitive analysis of technology providers in the cloud data center infrastructure space, leading to the selection of TierPoint as the standout provider.

TierPoint offered a comprehensive suite of IT services that addressed Aspiranet's challenges:

  • Cloud Data Center Infrastructure: TierPoint's private cloud infrastructure provided a robust and secure platform for Aspiranet's operations.
  • Disaster Recovery: A new disaster recovery solution was implemented, ensuring Aspiranet was prepared for any eventuality.
  • Help Desk Support: TierPoint's Help Desk services were integrated into Aspiranet's environment, providing efficient ticket handling and escalation processes.
  • Enterprise Client Services (ECS): The ECS team at TierPoint offered a white-glove approach, delivering monthly performance reports and proactive issue resolution.

A key differentiator in the procurement process was TierPoint's commitment to transparency and trust. They brought their entire support leadership to discussions, allowing Aspiranet to ask detailed questions and understand the services fully.

"TierPoint really distinguished itself from the competition during the cloud data center procurement process. They not only brought their sales team but also included every support leader in the meetings, allowing for direct and comprehensive communication. This enabled Aspiranet to ask detailed questions and get immediate answers, which was not something we saw with other providers.” - Stacey Haggart, Blue Tree Technology Group


The partnership between Aspiranet, Blue Tree, and TierPoint led to several significant outcomes:

  • Smooth Data Center Migration: The transition to TierPoint's services was the smoothest data center migration Aspiranet had ever experienced.
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery: Aspiranet now has a robust disaster recovery plan in place, providing peace of mind and operational assurance.
  • Improved Help Desk Services: The new Help Desk services have allowed Aspiranet's IT team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day ticket management.
  • Ongoing Strategic Guidance:  Complementing the virtual CIO services provided by Blue Tree, TierPoint now provides Enterprise Client Services (ECS) to Aspiranet, supporting their IT strategy and ensuring alignment with their mission.

The collaboration between Aspiranet, Blue Tree Technology Group, and TierPoint has transformed Aspiranet's IT environment. By addressing critical IT challenges and establishing a foundation of trust and reliability, Aspiranet can now focus on their mission of supporting vulnerable populations in California with the confidence that their IT infrastructure is secure, compliant, and efficient. This case study demonstrates the power of strategic partnerships and the importance of choosing the right technology providers to support non-profit organizations in their vital work.

“This collaboration has allowed us to focus on our mission of supporting families and children with the assurance that our IT systems are secure, compliant, and operational around the clock. The seamless integration and responsive support from TierPoint's Help Desk have been pivotal in our ability to deliver services without interruption, allowing our customers to trust that we are always there for those in need.” - Vernon Brown, CEO of Aspiranet

At A Glance

Social Service and Behavioral Health

Disaster Recovery
Help Desk Services
Enterprise Client Services

Aspiranet's challenges included maintaining a 24/7 IT environment, complying with HIPAA and California laws, implementing a disaster recovery solution, and efficiently managing IT issues to allow staff to focus on their primary roles.

Working alongside Blue Tree Technology Group, Aspiranet’s partner for strategic planning, sourcing, and vendor management, TierPoint addressed Aspiranet’s needs with a suite of IT services including a secure private cloud infrastructure, a robust disaster recovery and security solution, efficient Help Desk support, and proactive Enterprise Client Services. A significant factor in choosing TierPoint was their commitment to transparency and building trust.


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