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How Boosteroid Partnered with TierPoint to Support Rapid U.S. Expansion

Explore how Boosteroid successfully navigated the challenges of US market entry and supply chain disruptions through a strategic partnership with TierPoint.



Just as Netflix revolutionized the delivery of movies to millions of homes, Boosteroid is revolutionizing video gaming. According to Boosteroid, projections for the early 2030s indicate that 90% of gamers will embrace cloud gaming, driving the industry to reach annual revenues of hundreds of billions USD.

Boosteroid is the world’s largest independent cloud gaming provider and one of the biggest players on the global market sharing it with large corporations like Microsoft and Nvidia. The service operates in Europe, North America, and LATAM with as many as 18 data center deployments. The platform enables access to video games from any device regardless of its processing power, operating system, or platform and players can run high-end games on low-end portable devices and non-console platforms like smartphones and TVs.

To deliver the best possible experience to users, Boosteroid prioritizes infrastructure proximity to end-customers, making data center location and low network latency key requirements in selecting data center providers.


When Boosteroid decided to enter the US market, it found a variety of colocation options for deploying its infrastructure. The pandemic slowed travel to a halt and supply chain challenges delayed production, impacting timelines.

As a result, Boosteroid required a data center partner with flexibility in both the onboarding schedule and operational capacity to meet their timeline. They also sought a partner with dependable onsite personnel to facilitate nationwide hardware installation, underscoring the need for a unified vendor offering expert contact points.

Antonina Batova, Senior Vice President of Infrastructure at Boosteroid, faced the challenge of selecting a data center provider that could handle complex networking needs, deliver on time, and support geographic diversity. After researching dozens of options, Antonina engaged TierPoint for their extensive data center network.


Antonina worked closely with TierPoint to pinpoint data centers across the United States that could provide low-latency connections, crucial for the burgeoning cloud gaming market. This collaboration resulted in a strategic selection of locations, ensuring that major metropolitan areas would benefit from high-performance gaming experiences. The partnership also extended to Canada and Mexico, catering to gamers in adjacent countries.

TierPoint's commitment to flexibility was evident in their tailored onboarding timeline, which mitigated hardware delivery concerns and minimized early-stage data center costs for Boosteroid. Additionally, TierPoint's on-site teams played a key role in the physical setup of Boosteroid's hardware.


Boosteroid's U.S. operations kicked off in 2022, and the company has since experienced swift growth. Anticipating continued expansion, Boosteroid is set to extend its U.S. presence through its ongoing partnership with TierPoint. This includes scaling up existing locations and branching out into new TierPoint facilities nationwide.

"North America has been one of our key markets and it's very important for us to have a partner who is able to address our requirements of high-density nation-wide deployment, being our single-entry point for the U.S. and beyond. Boosteroid's long-term growth in the region implies investing over 2 billion in the hardware by 2029, and we are glad we can rely on TierPoint to support us with their network of over 40 data centers, as well as technical and commercial terms that ensure our business model works in the most efficient way possible" notes Antonina Batova, SVP Infrastructure.

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Boosteroid aimed to enter the U.S. market in 2019 with its industry-leading gaming platform but needed a local partner to manage the distance-related challenges. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the company faced hardware supply issues and sought a flexible, high-density data center to support its high-performance GPU servers for game streaming.

By working with TierPoint to identify data center locations that would suit their technical requirements, Boosteroid and TierPoint’s onsite teams deployed their first phase of servers across 6 US locations in early 2022 with additional expansion planned for the next 5 years.


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