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Build-A-Bear Workshop

Founded in 1997, Build-A-Bear pioneered the idea of having its guests select, create and customize their own special stuffed animal and create a lasting and emotional brand connection.



Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. is a multi-generational global brand focused on its mission to “add a little more heart to life” appealing to a wide array of consumer groups who enjoy the personal expression in making their own “furry friends” to celebrate and commemorate life moments. 

Build-A-Bear’s website had also provided customers with a similar process for selecting and buying furry friends online. But until now, this was done in a typical, two-dimensional eCommerce environment, with a product catalog and shopping cart approach. Build-A-Bear decided to once again redefine experiential retail, this time in the digital space.


Even before the onset of the pandemic, Build-A-Bear had begun developing a more interactive, three-dimensional e-commerce site to enhance user engagement. The goal was to create a more entertaining, virtual buying experience.

To create and support Build-A-Bear’s vision of a virtual online store, they needed access to advanced graphics technology, expertise in 3D design, and a customized cloud environment.


Build-A-Bear sought help from three leading technology companies: Buzz3D, Nutanix, and TierPoint.  Nutanix Frame on TierPoint’s Private Cloud included a unique host configuration that was not readily available elsewhere. Specifically, the host configuration needed to be customized to support many concurrent users. Each host was configured with multiple NVIDIA GPUs, as well as a higher frequency pair of processors. These hosts powered the Nutanix Cloud Platform and Nutanix Desktop as a Service solution, Frame.

The solution is also protected by TierPoint’s next-generation CleanIP™ network security solution, which provides threat protection and visibility via rapid intelligent response, security expertise, and specialized hardware.


The new Bear Builder 3D Workshop is expected to help the company attract, engage, and grow its digital consumer base – a goal they’ve been progressing over the past few years.

build a bear

“The technology requirements to make this happen were not simple, as we needed enough processing power and speed to support this virtual experience on any device. This is where our partnership with Nutanix, Buzz3D and TierPoint came in, delivering a highly engaging online shopping experience in a private cloud environment that optimizes performance and is tailored to our requirements.”

Mike Early

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Build-A-Bear

At A Glance


Hosted Private Cloud and CleanIP™

TierPoint Customer
Build-A-Bear Workshop

After the pandemic temporarily closed stores, the client needed a virtual buying experience that would provide a fresh take on their iconic bear-making experience.

Both the 3D store and the Nutanix cloud platform are hosted on a private cloud customized by TierPoint to support high-performance requirements.

The new Bear Builder 3D Workshop is expected to help the company attract, engage, and grow their digital consumer base.


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