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Energy Trading Company Overcomes Hybrid Cloud Complexity with TierPoint

An energy trading company uses TierPoint services to address its hybrid cloud complexity and legacy application challenges.



An Energy Trading company approached TierPoint for help when they were going through the process of divesting from another entity. With the divestment, the company had to contend with disentangling its infrastructure from the legacy entity, the personnel gap that left them with no internal staff to manage new infrastructure, and figuring out how and where data needed to be migrated. The company worked with a 3rd party IT consulting firm for guidance on the divestment, including finding a provider who could meet all their requirements.


The consulting firm informed the client that they needed to migrate to Azure with the support of a service provider, who could both aid in the migration and provide ongoing management of their Azure services. For convenience, the company also wanted to have some of its assets and workloads housed in a colocation facility near its headquarters.

With security, compliance, and location all being important parts of their consideration, TierPoint was able to help the client by providing migration services to Microsoft Azure, ongoing management of their Azure environment, and colocation services out of our data center with security requirements (compliant cage), all while providing the necessary staffing they lacked after their divestment.

While working with the company, we also discussed other options to Azure, including Managed Private Cloud and Multitenant Cloud, but ultimately the energy company went with Azure. They needed the flexibility of spending provided by public cloud, which offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model with the ability to scale up or down to accommodate changing workload requirements.


The energy company found it important to work with a single provider who could assist in the migration, handle ongoing management of the Azure infrastructure, and meet data center and colocation facility requirements they had in mind for both security and location. We were able to build on the recommendations from the 3rd party IT consulting firm and help our client achieve their goals without dealing with multiple providers.

With the help of TierPoint, the company was able to migrate off the divested entity's infrastructure fully, finding a hybrid IT provider who could fill their IT personnel gaps and deliver migration services, as well as full Azure infrastructure management and colocation services, in a secure and local facility near their corporate headquarters. We were able to help buy our client time to build their internal team who will eventually manage the entire Azure environment, filling the gap between their short-term needs and their long-term goals.

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Public Cloud Services, Advisory & Consulting Services, Data Center Services, Colocation

This business needed to migrate IT infrastructure, but a personnel gap created a challenge.

TierPoint provided migration services and public cloud support to fill infrastructure gaps.

TierPoint helped the customer migrate successfully into a new hybrid data center infrastructure and positioned them for long-term success.

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