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Tigunia Accelerates Growth with TierPoint Colocation Services

On its journey to expansion, Tigunia needed a colocation partner to support its geographical, technical, and reliability needs. Learn how TierPoint helped.



Tigunia is an IT consulting company headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with an organizational footprint in North America and clients worldwide. Clients can come to Tigunia for custom-fit technological solutions, including ERP consultation, business intelligence, hosting, development, and more.

Much of Tigunia’s innovation is driven by recognizing a gap in the industry between what customers need and what’s usually available, the markets they work within, and the expectations of the vendors they’re working with.


When the company was founded, Tigunia performed ERP consultation on Microsoft Dynamics. However, as the business evolved, customers needed development environments. Tigunia wanted to provide these environments to customers without having developers wait on processing and compute cycles, and instead provide both development environments and skilled human resources to keep their customers moving.

Several Tigunia’s clients were struggling with their on-premises and Azure environments. The production environments couldn’t meet its business application demands. These customers turned to Tigunia to see if they could host the production platform for them. That’s when Tigunia started their platform infrastructure team to help customers support their highly transactional, highly data-driven apps.

Once Tigunia expanded its services and started providing Azure consulting, data center building, and production deployment, they found that the previous data center sets they were using were not totally equipped to fulfill their needs for various requirements. These requirements included bandwidth throughput, blended connectivity, running Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), and advertisement of their ASN. Infrastructurally, they were looking for a data center that could handle high-density racks, meet their cooling expectations, and fulfill certain security and compliance needs.


Tigunia decided to migrate one of its production data center environments to TierPoint because it met both its technical and geographical requirements. Some of TierPoint’s 40 interconnected data centers were in key locations where Tigunia is looking to expand in the future. Plus, TierPoint met the client’s needs for physical infrastructure, in-house services, and regulatory requirements. These factors made it easy for Tigunia to decide to put its footprint within TierPoint’s secure environment.

In addition to meeting physical and technical needs, TierPoint was also a culture fit for Tigunia. James Nicholas, VP of Information Technology at Tigunia, has found that at every touchpoint, the team members at TierPoint have been easy to work with: “Across multiple different layers across sales experts, the primary contacts we have at the data centers, all the way down to the guy that’s on shift at 2 a.m. helping with remote hands, and I think that makes a big difference.”

Currently, Tigunia is operating out of the Chicago and Spokane data centers, using TierPoint’s colocation services. The environments are active-active, meaning that each environment is immediately able to replace the other in case of an outage. The client’s organization also has high redundancy, running N+2 on all its subsystems.


A major consideration for Tigunia, when they were choosing a provider, was finding one that could expand their business. The client’s eventual goal is to operate out of three geographical regions with two data center pairs in each region. Other significant factors, including latency, routing, and carrier connectivity, have assured Tigunia that TierPoint has the staying power it needs to aid in expansion.

The capabilities provided by TierPoint allow Tigunia to work with virtually every industry, meeting various compliance and performance requirements with ease. Customers who want enterprise-level deliverables without enterprise-level prices can get high-performance ERP and data warehousing solutions from Tigunia.

It’s easy to appreciate a service when things go right, however, what distinguishes TierPoint above the rest, is how they manage situations when things don’t go as planned.

"The way TierPoint’s team responds and how we manage such situations is a big part of why it’s considered a partnership rather than merely paying for a utility expense."

James Nicholas

VP of Information Technology at Tigunia

At A Glance

IT Consulting

Colocation in Chicago and Spokane data centers.

As Tigunia’s business expanded, they wanted to find a data center provider that could grow with them, meeting their geographical and technical requirements so they could continue to offer reliable environments for their customers.

Tigunia is currently running an active-active environment out of TierPoint’s Chicago and Spokane colocation data centers. The facilities meet the client’s requirements for bandwidth throughput, blended connectivity, running Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), and advertisement of their ASN. TierPoint also supports high-density racks and the compliance requirements needed for Tigunia to support their clients in turn.

With TierPoint’s interconnected data centers across the country, Tigunia feels prepared for future expansion efforts, which will take them to three distinct geographical regions. Every industry Tigunia wants to support can be facilitated thanks to TierPoint colocation services. Customers looking for enterprise-level deliverables without enterprise-level prices can leverage high-performance ERP and data warehousing solutions from Tigunia.



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