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Vallen Uses Microsoft 365 to Boost Collaboration, Security and Innovation

Using TierPoint's Managed Microsoft 365 solution, Vallen improved their collaboration, productivity, cybersecurity, scalability and innovation.



Established in 1865, Vallen Distribution, Inc. is a leading provider of indirect industrial supplies - all those materials that are not part of the products their customers manufacture. With nearly 4,000 employees globally and $2.2 billion in revenue, Vallen covers most of their customers' maintenance, repair, operations, and production-related needs.


Vallen needed to act quickly. The multi-billion-dollar industrial distributor was transitioning away from their parent company, and had to establish a standalone, independent IT infrastructure to maintain their supply chains and continue enabling employee productivity across sectors.

Not only did they require their own IT environment, but with their existing disparate technology they risked:

  • Having limited visibility on possible supply chain disruptions.
  • Costly cyberattacks targeting valuable client data.
  • Halting innovation and falling behind their competitors.
  • Building an IT structure from the ground-up would ensure business continuity and foster collaboration across Vallen, but it's a daunting task for any organization.


Vallen's employees can now innovate from anywhere on 4,000 Microsoft Modern Workplace-enabled devices thanks to their partnership with TierPoint. Using the full suite of Modern Workplace offerings was essential to unifying disparate systems and fostering collaboration during Vallen's separation from their parent organization. Turning to TierPoint for the multi-faceted integration and implementation processes allowed Vallen to get started on the right foot.

TierPoint began first with Vallen's U.S.-based team members, starting with a comprehensive assessment and then implementation of Microsoft 365, including collaboration-boosting applications like OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. This initial engagement uniting Vallen's 36 locations across the U.S. was so successful, they expanded implementation to bring the full power of Modern Workplace to their teams in Mexico and Canada.

Now that dispersed employees are using Modern Workplace, previously disjointed applications are unified in a centralized location. In this way, TierPoint increased both employee productivity and the ability to collaborate, while ensuring Vallen is equipped with the most stringent Microsoft security offerings.

Vallen now has the best of both worlds: Not only do they have their own independent IT infrastructure, but they enlisted TierPoint's veteran team of technology experts to manage those services.

This allows them to achieve tangible digital transformation and maximize their Microsoft investment with:

  • Streamlined and standardized workflows that boost productivity across supply chains and enable innovation across the organization.
  • Built-in data security that protects against constantly evolving cybersecurity threats, including triple extortion threats that could negatively impact vendor, client, and supplier relationships.
  • Modern cloud capabilities that deliver better employee, client, and supplier experiences.
  • Maximized availability thanks to Microsoft applications that are protected with backup and redundancy.
  • IT expertise that's laser-focused on growing their business.

"Leveraging the full security and productivity benefits of Microsoft Modern Workplace would not have been possible without an experienced partner like TierPoint. Thanks to their end-to-end implementation process, we were able to execute this project with limited downtime." - Vallen Distribution, Inc.


Modern manufacturing organizations are constantly looking for ways to innovate and optimize operations. Without taking advantage of modern business technology and processes, it can be easy to fall behind. That risk is a thing of the past with innovative Microsoft applications, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. TierPoint's collaboration with Vallen illustrates the true value of engaging time-tested Microsoft expertise from the beginning. Vallen establishing a standalone IT environment with Modern Workplace at the core, is a battle strategy that similar organizations can follow, and can lead to:

  • Enhanced business agility and responsiveness to quickly react to multi-dimensional supply chain changes and new opportunities.
  • Increased scalability to meet shifting network fluctuations.
  • Real-time data analytics that give powerful insight into supply chains and enable better forecasting.
  • Tackling advanced cybersecurity threats head-on with AI-powered threat detection.
  • The ability to keep manufacturing on track from anywhere with secure, remote-enabled devices.
  • IT cost savings through reduced operating expenses.
  • Stronger data management through centralized management of disparate environments.

"Partnering with TierPoint helped us unlock the full potential of all that Microsoft Modern Workplace has to offer. We've been able to streamline and automate business processes across our organization, leading to both cost savings and increased productivity."

Merek Chase

Director of Infrastructure, Vallen Distribution, Inc.

At A Glance

Industrial Supply Distribution

Managed Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure

The client needed to establish their own IT infrastructure after moving away from their parent company while accounting for security, disruptions, innovation, and team collaboration.

TierPoint provided a comprehensive assessment of their infrastructure, and a secure, managed Microsoft 365 solution to boost collaboration and productivity throughout the organization.

TierPoint's collaboration with Vallen led to enhanced business agility, the ability to scale, better cybersecurity, and more.


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