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When clients do business in the cloud, it’s important to stay grounded in a secure, highly redundant, yet flexible cloud based computing infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

TierPoint recognizes that clients often have diverse computing environments. Our goal is to work with our clients to determine the best deployment methodology for their situation and optimize their cloud model to meet their business needs. This includes hybrid cloud implementations with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, as well as TierPoint Cloud and colocation solutions.

The graphic below illustrates a simple view of how we see our hybrid IT ecosystem. The model doesn’t show the work we are doing to expand high-throughput, low latency connections between these platforms or the breadth of managed services including security that reduce burdens on your staff.

We’re all in on hybrid IT because we believe managing information infrastructure is a tough, complex task.  Organizations want infrastructure to be simpler to manage with less risks and more security. They want their applications to be available when their users need them and they want the agility to change when their needs change. That is the promise of hybrid IT, and it’s what TierPoint is delivering today. The result is that clients are able to focus more on their core competencies and shift non-core activities to a managed services provider.

In addition to infrastructure benefits, hybrid IT makes it easier to deploy applications across your organization both in a Cloud and within your own data center. Hybrid IT allows customers to place workloads in a cloud that makes the most sense based on that workload needs.  Microsoft Office 365 (O365), the very popular productivity suite, is a good example of this and TierPoint has developed a growing managed O365 practice. In addition to O365, we have a managed Mimecast Unified Enterprise Email Management service.

TierPoint is a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), offering dedicated high-speed connectivity to Amazon Web Services (AWS) via AWS Direct Connect through TierPoint’s Seattle data center.

Seattle is the first TierPoint site to become an AWS Direct Connect location and the company expects to make it available through additional data centers in the future.

TierPoint’s Managed Azure Services provide access to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform along with TierPoint’s expertise in migration and management. It is ideal for companies that want to move data and applications to the Azure cloud, but which lack the resources or desire to implement and maintain it themselves. Our Azure experts develop a personalized plan for your environment, then are able to provide ongoing monitoring, performance tuning, and cost control services. Learn more

TierPoint offers Managed Office 365 for companies who prefer a mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructure. We specialize in creating safe, secure, and highly available hybrid environments and provide end-to-end management with our dedicated team of Microsoft experts.

We provide full migration, deployment, support, and management services. Whether you are looking for a cloud-based productivity solution, or you prefer to keep some of your data local, TierPoint can tailor a unique solution to meet your long-term business goals.  Learn more 

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