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TierPoint Jumpstarts Leading Manufacturer's Transformation to the Cloud



To free themselves from the massive undertaking of maintaining their on-premises technology infrastructure, a prominent distributor of industrial products decided to jumpstart their digital transformation to the cloud. Partnering with TierPoint for both migration and management allowed them to unlock the scalability benefits of Microsoft Azure while freeing up their internal teams to focus on innovation.


Even the best pipes need maintenance.

You can invest in top-tier tubing, valves, or pumps, and it may last you years, even decades. But as time wears on, the inevitable occurs you need a fix or even a replacement.

Imagine, though, if those pipes could evolve and change to keep up over time, to patch themselves up and keep wear-and-tear at bay.

This large U.S.-based plastic pipe distributor found out that’s exactly what it’s like to move from an on-premises IT infrastructure system to the cloud.

When their legacy systems were approaching the end of their lifecycle, they had to figure out how best to fulfill their organizational needs when it came to cost, timing, and available resources.

While weighing this big decision, they realized:

  • Legacy systems are not only costly and time-consuming to maintain, they become dated, hinder innovation, and make it harder to keep up with customer demands
  • Migrating to the cloud can be intimidating, especially without the technical expertise to untangle its complexity
  • They didn’t have the internal IT expertise to handle ongoing management of a cloud environment


Moving to the cloud from a legacy system can be complex. But for this plastic distributor, the immediate and lasting benefits of the cloud made it a no-brainer. They just needed cloud experts to assess the infrastructure, create a transition framework, meet the workload needs to ensure a seamless transition and provide ongoing management of the new environment.

That's where, you guessed it, we come in.

Engaging TierPoint for such a large undertaking not only ensured that the migration itself went off without a hitch, but that this company was set up for success on both Microsoft 365 and Azure with our continued management of their environment.

The first step was transitioning 600+ seats to Microsoft 365. This enhanced business efficiency, providing easy access to productivity tools for improved collaboration and communication. The successful migration led to expanding their Microsoft ecosystem with Azure.

Azure Migration Benefits

We got to work on a comprehensive 5-week cloud assessment, piecing together a roadmap for their Azure migration to maximize efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. By engaging TierPoint for their migration, this company can:

  • Utilize an expertly crafted cloud environment that adheres to the Azure Well-Architected Frameworks for security, reliability, performance, cost, and operational efficiency
  • Rapidly transition to this flexible Azure environment with minimal risk and downtime
  • Scale up or down with the click of a button to adjust to shifting workload demands
  • Leverage robust data sets to make spending adjustments on the fly Implement cloud-native security

Azure Management Benefits

To continue taking full advantage of TierPoint's cloud expertise, they decided to enlist us for ongoing management of their new cloud environment. Partnering with us to manage their Azure environment, this plastics distributor can:

  • Free up internal teams from infrastructure and hardware management to focus on innovative, revenue-generating tasks.
  • Quickly implement new apps and solutions across sectors to enhance employee and customer experiences.
  • Amplify overall cloud posture with seamless evolution of their Azure system and configuration management
  • Resolve issues swiftly with proactive monitoring
  • Expedited, 24/7 Microsoft support services
  • Gain knowledge of Azure’s robust security benefits to tackle cyber threats, including ransomware

At A Glance

This large industrial products distributor is a leading manufacturer of plastic piping systems, with over 60 offices across the U.S.

Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365

The client’s legacy systems were approaching the end of their lifecycle and so they decided to jumpstart their digital transformation and migrate to Azure – but they needed technical expertise and support to untangle the complexity and free up internal resources.

TierPoint’s cloud experts performed a comprehensive assessment of their existing infrastructure, created a transition framework, and worked to ensure their workloads seamlessly transitioned to the new environment and then provided ongoing monitoring and management to free up their resources and advance transformation.

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