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Hybrid clouds for real-world businesses

Your organization is unique. A hybrid cloud approach provides IT flexibility to combine the right infrastructure for each workload, whether it includes a private cloud, multitenant cloud, public cloud, or on-premises private cloud. Our cloud services meet you wherever you are on your journey to realize the benefits of cloud technologies and IT transformation.

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Private Cloud

Cloud Servers

Build your own cloud with security and control

For workloads that require a dedicated cloud environment to meet demanding performance requirements as well as security and compliance mandates, a private cloud solution is often the best choice. With a private cloud, you have full control over your infrastructure, data, and applications. Private cloud hosting services are available at all TierPoint data centers.

Cloud experts work with our customers to customize and create the best private cloud based on each organization’s requirements. We provide a great deal of flexibility with a variety of options for three-tier converged and hyperconverged cloud infrastructures. A mix-and-match or software-defined approach simplifies hybrid IT environments while achieving your goals for isolation, performance, uptime, and scalability.

Your Cloud, Your Choice

Get the private cloud you need with advanced technologies from leading infrastructure vendors.

Ensure Flexibility

Modular software-defined components provide ease of deployment and scalability.

Manage or Co-Manage

Maintain control with fully managed or co-managed private cloud hosting services.

Predictable Spend

Manage costs with flexible pricing models and licensing options you choose.

Migrate more workloads to a private cloud

Our three-tier converged cloud solutions bring together compute, storage and network components from our industry-leading partners—Arista, Dell EMC, Cisco, HPE, NetApp, Nimble, and Pure Storage—to support your diverse and legacy workloads.

Maximize scalability with a software-defined cloud

Our hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) cloud solutions tightly integrate software-defined compute, storage, and network components from Dell EMC, Nutanix, and VMware. TierPoint manages AHV and ESXi hypervisors, giving our clients the freedom of choice.

Managed IBM i and Power systems in the cloud

IT departments value their IBM i and Power Systems for their high performance and reliability, making them ideal for mission-critical applications. However, moving this infrastructure and applications to the cloud adds many advantages: rapid scalability, ease of management, access to new technologies, and eliminates the headaches and costs of legacy hardware. With 24×7 dedicated support from IBM-certified staff, all aspects of your systems are proactively monitored and managed freeing your staff to focus more on your business. Our IBM cloud hosting solutions provide scalable compute, storage, and network resources, replacing the maintenance and support costs of on-premises systems with a predictable monthly expense.

Multitenant Cloud

Production-level environment for disaster recovery and backup

A multitenant cloud offers a secure, enterprise-level solution that is robust and scalable. Multitenant cloud users save by sharing a high-speed network, redundancies for resilience, and fast storage. Instant capacity makes a multitenant cloud service ideal for disaster recovery failover and backup environments in a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Our cloud-to-cloud recovery solution protects virtualized workloads with the ability to failover to a multitenant cloud.

Multitenant Cloud

Protect IT resilience with a multitenant cloud

A TierPoint multitenant cloud can help avoid many kinds of outages while providing flexibility. Plus, ease of access to Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS) and managed security services often make our multitenant cloud a solid option for business continuity.

Location flexibility is a bonus. Choose from multitenant cloud pods cloud that are close to your production workloads for lower latency or farther away for geographic diversity.

Regional Diversity

Select from eight multitenant cloud pods in TierPoint data centers across the US.

Scale Easily

Plan resources for average utilization, and scale when needed.

Predictable Performance

Benefit from industry-leading SLAs and managed cloud infrastructure services.

Powered by VMware

Manage your private cloud with a familiar toolset and interface.

Public Cloud

Public cloud services for multicloud businesses

Transform your IT infrastructure and enable innovation with hybrid cloud and multicloud architectures that include a public cloud service. Make applications available worldwide and instantly spin up hyper-scalable resources, including specialty compute and massive storage capacity. Pay as you go with a public cloud provider and be free from responsibility for hardware.

TierPoint’s expertise in public clouds enables multicloud and hybrid solutions that include hyperscale clouds such as Azure and AWS. Our services for public clouds address every stage of the cloud journey to IT transformation—cloud strategy and planning, cloud migration services, cloud deployment, cloud management, cloud security services, optimization, and more.

Rest easy with Managed Azure

Ideal for organizations that want to minimize infrastructure overhead, Azure’s hyper-scalable pay-as-you-go approach and service breadth help facilitate digital transformation. Robust security features built into Azure protect your enterprise workloads.

Let us manage Azure for you. Leverage the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and our service team of Azure experts who specialize in design, migration, and management. We will work with you to make Azure cloud migration and management convenient.


Rest Easy

Azure is built for security, privacy, compliance, and transparency.

Scale Instantly

Scalable to thousands of VMs while maintaining production SLAs.

Expand Possibilities

Our full suite of managed services for Azure ensures your bases are covered.

Free Up Internal Resources

Get more from Azure with support for monitoring, security, and patching.

AWS cloud services that meets your needs

We enable organizations to accelerate business transformation by delivering reliable and secure AWS infrastructure. From migration to implementation through ongoing management, our service teams help you embrace and optimize your AWS environments.

We are your partner for managing AWS. AWS deployment and management is complex. Architecting the right design for your applications, ensuring the security of the environment, and optimizing deployment requires expertise and the right cloud services partner.

Expand Your Reach

Global infrastructure allows rapid deployment wherever required.

Mitigate Risk

Robust AWS security services protect your critical workloads.

Build Your Team

Our partners help with design, migration, maintenance, and support.

Optimize Your Investment

Design best practices help maximize the value of your AWS infrastructure.

Journey to the Cloud, maximize the venefits and minimize the risks

Minimize the Risk & Maximize the Benefits

Learn the critical factors you need to consider on your journey to the cloud.

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Cloud On-Ramp

Connect securely from any TierPoint data center

As multicloud and hybrid infrastructures become more prevalent, high-performance cloud on-ramps are critical. TierPoint offers fast reliable managed network services between our data centers and with Microsoft Azure and AWS clouds. Dedicated, high-capacity bandwidth enables high-performance IT environments that promote user satisfaction.

Beautiful On-Ramp

On-Ramp Icon

Create a high-performing network between resources data centers

Interconnect Express (ICX) allows you to bypass the Internet and exchange data directly between TierPoint data centers using private low-latency network bandwidth. Resilient, high-speed connectivity facilitates cloud, colocation, and disaster recovery solutions.

Connect Securely

On-ramps to fiber networks provide fast, secure connections to your cloud infrastructure.

Maximize Redundancy

We provide first-hop redundancy and redundant hand-offs inside the data center.

24×7 Performance Monitoring

Networking experts proactively manage and monitor your connections.

Integrated Support Services

Leverage one provider for your cloud, colocation, and network assets.

Confidently use public clouds with low-latency secure connections

Managed cloud connectivity gets your data to and from public clouds. Bypass the Internet with a dedicated network connection to your workloads in any TierPoint data center, and workloads on AWS and Microsoft Azure. Our industry-leading connectivity partners Lumen, Megaport, PCCW Global, and Zayo make cloud connectivity fast and secure.

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