Global Corporate Travel Manager Extends Its Reach Through Migration, Consolidation to TierPoint

Corporate Travel Management (CTM) provides enterprise customers in 82 countries intimately-personalized travel services and technologies, transparency, ROI and the benefit of their ongoing innovations as an international leader in the travel management industry.

CTM was challenged with consolidating and centralizing IT assets and infrastructure from eight newly acquired companies to save staff, equipment and cooling costs. CTM’s IT Manager turned to ePlus, an IT hardware and services VAR to find a prime data center location near its North American headquarters in Woburn, MA, to relocate the IT resources from data centers in three states. CTM leveraged the expertise of their trusted established relationship with ePlus to help guide them toward a suitable service provider to meet their current and future needs.

CTM selected TierPoint and its Andover, MA, facility for security, PCI compliance, and offloading of IT facilities and support duties. This decision was made to allow their team more time to focus on migrating the newly-acquired companies and in tandem, to save time, money, bandwidth and management headaches.



CTM, headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, came to the U.S. to grow their organization nation-wide, buying small regional players in the corporate travel sector. This parallels the approach that TierPoint took to expand its business. CTM amassed additional IT assets with each company they purchased. This drove the corporate travel giant to find a secure location to migrate the companies and their technologies efficiently, manage the combined data and applications, and close separate facilities in Alaska, California and Texas. CTM selected ePlus, a leading hardware and infrastructure VAR to guide them in their search.

CTM needed to unify IT resources and hand off support or grapple with managing several distinct IT operations using limited IT staff. At ePlus’ suggestion, CTM looked at TierPoint and three other vendors with data centers in the Woburn, MA, area near its U.S. headquarters. CTM sought a colocation partner with the technical expertise and resources to map and implement a migration to the most suitable data center environment. CTM required a colocation partner with proficiency in migrating data and servers from multiple locations.

CTM’s IT Manager John Hathaway was keenly aware of the challenge around managing data centers in California, Alaska and Texas with limited IT personnel. He was also unfamiliar with the power requirements given the disparate environments. CTM preferred to partner with a provider that could also implement an effective DR site outside the area when the time came. According to Hathaway, “One of the particularly attractive features of TierPoint is their wide market presence, which allows us different options to implement a solution that meets the unique business requirements for each of our geographic regions.”



Progressing Toward a Solution

TierPoint had been fostering a partner relationship with ePlus over the previous year. This was a key win for both ePlus and TierPoint; the experience proved smooth and painless for the new partner and their customer.

Jake Jansen, ePlus’ Practice Manager, worked closely with the TierPoint team throughout this engagement. “Partnering with TierPoint on this project is how I wish all collaborative engagements could be. From opportunity discovery to order execution, the TierPoint sales team went above and beyond ePlus and CTM expectations. Our customer, CTM, requested multiple scope and pricing scenarios, which TierPoint delivered in a timely and professional manner, allowing our engineers to focus on the hardware and services portion of the project. Great teamwork by all parties involved.”

TierPoint’s direct field representatives worked hand-in-hand with ePlus to help coordinate a customer-centric strategy and to provide remote Disaster Recovery options. Together, TierPoint and ePlus accurately identified the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in the vicinity.

TierPoint’s channel-friendly sell-with model ensured that ePlus knew TierPoint’s products and services well so that they could relay that information to CTM fluently. TierPoint supported ePlus with insights and information to address CTM’s various questions about the specific site and colocation services.

“The relationship that we have with ePlus made the procurement process of choosing a colocation facility an unusually straight- forward process,” noted Hathway. “Given the magnitude of this decision, their intimate knowledge of our business and technological infrastructure capably translated into viable options that met our requirements. I have a distinct appreciation for the time and effort they saved me in doing the ‘heavy lifting’ of this phase, given the amount of other major initiatives on my plate.”

TierPoint worked to build the trust and mindshare of the ePlus representatives by getting their buy-in, then arming them with the tools to have conversations around colocation. EPlus was able to facilitate a solution for their end customer that collaboratively incorporated TierPoint services. TierPoint would be an extension of C TM’s staff and infrastructure.

TierPoint had several conversations with CTM to understand their IT environment and migration needs. CTM wasn’t sure about how much equipment they were going to be moving into the data center, so they were asking the competing vendors and TierPoint for different configurations and pricing models. TierPoint responded quickly and insightfully with different configurations and pricing models that were consistent and appealing both to ePlus and their customers.

Because this was CTM’s first experience with managed services, they had many questions. TierPoint listened and provided guidance, establishing its ability to meet CTM’s needs now and as they grew.

The Solution

EPlus recommended and sold the hardware, IT infrastructure, storage, networking and servers that CTM selected into the Andover, MA, data center. In conjunction with ePlus, TierPoint provided CTM with a cage, six server cabinets and virtualized servers with easy access inside its SSAE-l6 and SAS70 certified facility. TierPoint lead the migration effort with calculated precision. “TierPoint has provided first-rate service from top-to- bottom as illustrated by the account team’s responsiveness in getting timely answers to our questions during the evaluation process; the friendly guys providing us seamless access to the facility while maintaining their robust security posture; and the thoughtful gesture of a Site Ops engineer stopping by to ask if we needed anything as we were going live,” said John Hathaway.

TierPoint provided hands and eyes support for CTM’s installation as they do with all colocation services. In addition, the TierPoint team recommended a range of reasonably- priced power options. TierPoint’s PCI compliant data center securely supports CTM travel and leisure customers’ credit card transactions. TierPoint’s certifications meet PCI regulatory and industry requirements for these transactions and a remote DR site was available on the West Coast with data transfers via a dedicated line.



By working with TierPoint and ePlus, CTM has centralized equipment, floor space, power and cooling for their entire North American organization, solving the management challenges around diverse locations and time differences in California, Texas and Alaska.

By consolidating their infrastructure into TierPoint’s data center, CTM has eliminated the cost of server room cooling and electricity from occupied office spaces, lessened the number of data connections previously required and reduced the complexity of their network footprint.

One of the particularly attractive features of TierPoint is their wide market presence, which allows us different options to implement a solution that meets the unique business requirements for each of our geographic regions.

John Hathaway

IT Manager, CTM


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Offloading management of newly acquired IT resources to enable a smooth migration of data and applications for eight companies.

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