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TierPoint delivers the comprehensive security and compliance expertise required to help you address your unique business challenges.

Managed DDoS Defense

Managed DDoS Defense from TierPoint is a multi-vector DDoS attack detection and mitigation solution that helps organizations protect their data and systems from malicious threats.

Cyber attacks are increasing.

98% of organizations were hit with a cyberattack in 2016.* Experts expect that trend to continue, making these attacks almost unavoidable. But while the frequency of cyber attacks is increasing, so is the severity and nature of the threat they pose to business.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks overload an organization’s systems and crash the servers. At first, these attacks were designed as malicious pranks or intentional efforts to harm a business financially. More recently, threat actors have discovered that DDoS attacks provide cover, allowing them to steal valuable data while IT’s focus is on getting systems back online. Some even hold the company’s systems for ransom, demanding payment before they will call off the attack.

34% of attacks in Radware’s 2016-17 Global Application & Network Security Report were described as DDoS attacks. While almost half of attacks reported lasted less than three hours, 10% of respondents reported attacks that lasted more than a month.

Protect yourself from the inevitable.

At TierPoint, our goal is to help our clients stay protected and connected with a seamless user experience that scales to meet their needs. Our DDoS defense capabilities are owned and managed by TierPoint, giving us the control we need to provide the level of service our clients require in today’s high-threat environment.

Superior Protection – We can dynamically detect anomalous traffic patterns at the perimeter of the network, allowing us to respond and mitigate before threats get anywhere near the client environment.

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure. Leveraging our native on-net scrubbing capability, we have direct control over detection, mitigation, and return traffic delivery. We direct traffic onto the TierPoint network for scrubbing to minimize utilization of available client bandwidth.

Enterprise Visibility for Precision Responsiveness – We are able to monitor traffic at all potential entry points to deliver prompt, targeted DDoS defense.

* Source: Radware Global Application & Network Security Report 2016-17.

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