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TierPoint delivers the comprehensive security and compliance expertise required to help you address your unique business challenges.

The Best Offense is a Great Defense

Worried about cyber thieves lurking in your systems and getting past your firewall? The best defense is to stop them from getting inside your systems in the first place. Securing your network may actually be a more important responsibility than building it. Every year, a typical IT infrastructure incurs millions of security events, often overwhelming its IT staff. Many organizations simply don’t have the resources to manage these challenges on their own.

TierPoint offers wireless rogue detection and remediation that can be integrated into your existing infrastructure or new hardware. Our engineers can work with you to find a solution that not only meets your business requirements, but also your budget.

In addition, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are included with firewall services and provide encrypted private paths either site-to-site or client-to-site. The exclusive use of VPNs means that packets that are not generated and encrypted with a key unique to your VPN will not be accepted. Let TierPoint’s Managed Security Services experts keep your business available and secure, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

TierPoint Managed Firewall Services control access to client equipment within their managed hosting environment or a TierPoint Cloud Services environment. This firewall is the first line of defense in preventing unauthorized users or malicious “bots” from getting packets inside the customer network. Clients have the opportunity to define a unique firewall policy that is customized to their unique applications – allowing or denying packets based on their policy. Management of your firewall includes monitoring its performance, ensuring it is up to date with the latest filters and patches and executing client requests for policy changes.

The number of web attacks doubled last year and continues to grow. Is your data at risk? The vast majority of businesses are deploying at least some applications and databases in the cloud. While the cloud can improve security for many organizations, certain applications can open up new doors for cyber thieves to walk right through. Our team of security professionals closely monitor firewall traffic, ensuring that if threats are detected, they are quickly and efficiently mitigated.
The importance of defending against web application attacks cannot be understated. A web application firewall (WAF) is a firewall for HTTP (web) applications. It applies a set of rules to HTTP transactions and these rules cover attacks such as SQL database injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) injection. WAFs analyze and evaluate the content/payload of your web traffic and intercept attacks. They’re a practical approach to guarding your web applications and data. Our experts can help you configure your web application firewalls so they protect against intruders, yet don’t block legitimate traffic or impact site availability.