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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Services

Improve user experience, business resiliency, and workforce mobility with TierPoint Virtual Desktop Services, powered by Nutanix Frame.

Remote worker in a diner using VDI services.

Enable Mobile or Remote Work

Business doesn’t have to slow down when employees are working remotely. With TierPoint Virtual Desktop Services, your team can securely access the applications and data, they need to get the job done from wherever they are. They’ll enjoy the full desktop experience, whether they’re using their own or company-owned devices.

Improve Accessibility for Greater Productivity

​​These days you need to be ready for anything. Redundant desktop instances in the cloud support your disaster recovery strategy and promote business continuity. If a primary PC becomes unavailable, your employee’s remote access will be immediately and seamlessly rolled over to a backup PC, so they never miss a beat.

Laptop with Virtual Desktop interfaces.
Integrate mobile devices with VDI services

Strengthen IT Security and Protect Data

Data security and privacy are a top priority, but adequately protecting your systems can be incredibly time-consuming. When you implement TierPoint Virtual Desktop Services, our team will manage your desktop environment from our operations control center, applying software patches and updates, updating configurations, and enforcing security policies. 


We’ll also help you implement authentication and authorization best practices so you can control remote access without getting in the way of business.

Enhance Business Resiliency and Ensure Workforce Continuity

TierPoint Virtual Desktop Services leverage the latest desktop virtualization technology through a secure and physically isolated TierPoint Hosted Private Cloud powered by Nutanix in order to provide your users with a superior managed desktop experience.

With virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in the cloud, also called desktop as a service (DaaS), users can work securely from anywhere on any device at any time. We’ll configure your infrastructure so they receive the same high performance and superior user experience they would if they were working at the office.


However, high performance and a superior experience don’t just happen. It takes industry-leading technology and an experienced team. 


TierPoint’s engineers are qualified professionals with expertise in Nutanix Frame technologies. They are also well-versed in how to configure and customize your virtual desktop infrastructure. All by leveraging a secure and physically isolated TierPoint Hosted Private Cloud powered by Nutanix.


Once you’re up and running, your TierPoint VDI Services team will provide industry-leading performance and availability with 24x7 monitoring and support. Rapid implementation, scalability, and great support make a TierPoint cloud-based VDI environment the right mobile and remote computing solution for businesses concerned about workforce continuity and productivity.


Your employees will be able to connect to their secure virtual desktop environment from any internet-connected device with an HTML5-compatible browser. We will work with you to implement authentication protocols to promote system security and ensure system integrity.


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