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Transform your IT faster by consulting with TierPoint’s trusted professionals

Changes to your IT infrastructure, such as a move to a cloud, require expertise and planning to mitigate risks. TierPoint consulting services help you benefit from new technologies and adapt IT infrastructure to new business requirements.

Cloud Readiness Assessments

Assessment as a vital first step

Assessment as a vital first step

Get it right with an assessment that evaluates your objectives and identifies the current state of your IT portfolio, and then turns the findings into a cost-justified, right-sized roadmap to the cloud to reach your transformation goals.

Expert guidance on your cloud journey

Cloud assessments are designed to guide you on your journey to the cloud, no matter where you are in the process today. Let our cloud IT consulting experts remove the headaches and roadblocks associated with utilizing hybrid technology solutions.

Expert guidance on your cloud journey

Enable cloud success

A cloud readiness assessment helps ensure successful cloud migration.

Analyze in depth

We use a variety of tools to assess your current environment.

Select the right path

Choose the best platform based on your needs and business objectives.

Improve cost efficiency

Our processes increase efficiency and improve your cost structure.

Cloud Migrations

Migration to one cloud or multiple clouds

Navigate your cloud migration – to your first cloud, from one cloud to another, or to more cloud instances. From assessment to design and from implementation to management, TierPoint’s experts go beyond typical consulting partnerships to help you overcome the complexity of cloud platforms.

Migration to one cloud or multiple clouds

A comprehensive migration approach

A comprehensive migration approach

Clients rely on us to manage complex cloud migrations to private, multitenant, and public clouds. You’ll benefit from our experience and lessons learned. Throughout the process we remove the headaches and roadblocks often associated with cloud migration.

Augment IT skill sets

Acquire experienced cloud experts to make your IT team more agile.

Transform in a public cloud

Our experts guide you through assessments to migration to management.

Reduce risk

Contingency plans and change management are critical to minimize risk.

Stay on budget

Expertise, planning and execution increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Your Journey to the cloud

Your Journey to the Cloud

Checklists, best practices and helpful advice in this SlideShare

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Physical Migrations

Migration for an entire data center or a single server

Migration for an entire data center or a single server

Experience a successful migration from design and testing to data movement and redeployment. We provide end-to-end management, including device care, port mapping, cables, insurance, transport, racking, certification, data transfer and more.

Turnkey migration service with options to fit your needs

The logistics of moving from one location to a new one are quite complex and require considerable time and effort. Select a migration option to suit your needs, then focus on your business while we manage the move and engage services and vendors.

Turnkey migration service with options to fit your needs

Manage costs

Meet time lines and avoid surprises that could incur unnecessary costs.

Maintain availability

Minimize disruption to your end-user and customer experiences.

Reduce risk

Best-practice management, reviews and contingency plans minimize risk.

Augment your IT staff

We engage experienced partners with the right expertise for you.

Security Assessments

An IT security assessment provides critical insight

Examine the state of your IT security and identify areas for improvement. A security consultant will measure your security controls against best practices, review tools and architectures with you and identify a roadmap to fill the gaps.

An IT security assessment provides critical insight

Cloud security consulting service mitigates risk

Cloud security consulting service mitigates risk

Our security team is staffed with experts who leverage best practices and focus on compliance and evolving threats. Highly certified consultants can engage our security experts and partners to provide the best security solutions for your needs.

Identify vulnerabilities

Understand your security strengths and weaknesses.

Optimize security

We’ll deliver results and recommendations to optimize security.

Mitigate business risk

Help prevent data breaches with a security-first approach.

Maintain compliance

Navigate and meet HIPAA, PCI-DSS and other compliance requirements.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning

Your partner in business continuity

Develop or update your business continuity plan to ensure it covers risks to your growing business and IT environment, implements best-practice business continuity strategies and keeps your organization compliant with regulations and standards.

Experienced in business continuity and disaster recovery

Business continuity planning is a necessary step to disaster recovery. As an experienced DRaaS provider with expert partners for business continuity planning, we’ll meet you where you are on your path to business continuity and disaster recovery.

Experienced in business continuity and disaster recovery

Prioritize business impact

Know where you are vulnerable with a business impact analysis.

Assess risk

Identify hazards that can disrupt mission-critical business operations.

Document your plan

Develop a plan based on best-practice business continuity strategies.

Align disaster recovery

Use disaster recovery strategies to maintain business continuity.

Accelerate your IT transformation

TierPoint provides expert guidance and consulting services.

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