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Data Center Geo-Diversity: Understanding the Value

Unlocking the Value of Data Center Geo-Diversity

Whether you’re looking to withstand natural disasters or improve connectivity for your end users, data center geo-diversity can give you a competitive edge and bolster your business continuity…

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Key Public Cloud Use Cases: Unlocking Business Potential

Key Public Cloud Use Cases: Unlocking Business Potential_blog

Public cloud computing can open a business up to previously inaccessible opportunities, improving scalability, cost-effectiveness, and innovation for existing applications and business features. Some industries have been faster…

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A Holistic Approach to Secure Colocation

A Holistic Approach to Secure Colocation_blog

As more businesses migrate workloads to the cloud, more are also choosing colocation. Learn why colocation remains popular even in the “cloud first” era, and how both physical and cyber considerations impact colo security.

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How to Choose a Colocation Provider

How to choose a colocation provider

As businesses increasingly recognize the advantages of colocation services, the process of selecting the right colocation provider has become a critical decision for IT leaders. With so many…

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