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Data Center Cooling

What is Data Center Cooling?

Data center cooling works by cooling systems that remove heat and prevent equipment from malfunctioning or breaking in order to operate properly and safely. All pieces of data center equipment that use a lot of power can also generate a lot of heat, including servers and storage devices.

Why is Data Center Cooling Important?

Cooling systems can prevent outages, protect equipment, and keep business operations running. Data center equipment is expensive and also vulnerable to overheating. Implementing the right cooling system allows data centers to improve reliability, reduce energy costs, extend the life of data center equipment, and prevent unnecessary damage.

Data Center Cooling Techniques & Systems

Common data center cooling techniques include water cooling, air cooling, and two forms of evaporative cooling.

  • Water cooling: In this system, water is sent through a heat exchanger, transferring the heat from the equipment to the water. As the water is cooled, it circulates back through the system and cools the equipment.
  • Air cooling: This method is the most common in data centers and involves fans that work to circulate air through equipment and cool the facility.
  • Evaporative cooling: Evaporative cooling can be done either directly or indirectly. Direct evaporative cooling is where water is sprayed into the air. As it evaporates, the heat from the air is absorbed, allowing cooler air to circulate through the data center. With indirect evaporative cooling, the water is sprayed into a heat exchanger instead of directly in the air. This can help by avoiding the addition of moisture into the data center.

What Are the Benefits of Data Center Cooling?

While data center cooling can be costly and complex to design, when done correctly, it’s meant to save money by maintaining data center networking equipment, lowering energy costs, and reducing the likelihood of outages, all factors that can contribute to additional business expenses.

How TierPoint Can Help with Data Center Cooling

TierPoint’s state-of-the-art, interconnected data centers offer redundancy for critical components, including cooling. Enjoy guaranteed uptime, low-latency connections, and around-the-clock support.

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